Rhonda Mae's Wall of Food

Wall of Food Grand Total: $620,650.00

1989 through 2018


Mission Statement


The goal of “Rhonda Mae’s WALL OF FOOD Inc.” is to raise funds for the charities of the Fort Worth community, particularly the AIDS Outreach Center (AOC) Nutrition Center (Food Pantry), in order to assure that those living with AIDS/HIV do not go hungry. On July 8, 2014 The Wall of Food became a 501 (c)(3), an American tax-exempt nonprofit organization, dedicated to raising funds for the Aids Outreach Center Food Pantry items, and other selected charities.


How You Can Help


• Become a member and support the organization

• Use your contacts for charitable donations

• Use your expertise to make the organization better

The majority of the funds raised by the Wall of Food is through the efforts of a lot of dedicated entertainers and individuals in our community.


Entertainers donate their time, effort and all of their tips during a Wall of Food fund raising show. Your continued support of the entertainers is what helps make the Wall of Food a success.


The Wall of Food looks forward to your support during 2017!

501 (c)(3)

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